Hey, I'm Kim.
I'm a Brooklyn-based dev with roots in California.

I'm down to learn pretty much anything, but I'm happiest working at the intersection of design and engineering where I can focus on creative problem-solving and elegant UI.

About Me

I'm currently building solutions for complex workflows in the JW Dashboard and assisting in the development of our APIs & a custom web component library.

I earned my BA in journalism and worked in marketing before learning to code. Curiosity about tech & design lead me to General Assembly's web development bootcamp, where I learned enough to hustle my way into a career that I love.

I think we should always be working toward making the scene around us a more diverse and inclusive space, and I've really enjoyed participating in mentorship programs and events through #BuiltByGirls, Uncubed and CodeNation .

When I'm not on a computer, you can probably find me at a concert or music festival, traveling, or hanging out somewhere around New York City.